Who We Are

Consolidated Services Group (CSG) was established in 1987 by CEO and President, John Salterio, as a single proprietorship with the focus of coffee.  Since that time, CSG has advanced into a national, multi-dimensional organization, serving customers across North America, through our growing network of over 250+ distributors.

CSG’s Division’s include:  Manufacturer representation of beverage and associated items (see Our Products );  Convenience Store, Beverage and OCS;  Consulting;  Training;  New product development;  National Account Management (NAM);  and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Our company mission is to provide business development services and industry expertise to better the competitive position and long-term profitability of our strategic partners and clients.

John Salterio, President and CEO

John established Consolidated Services Group (CSG) in 1987 as a single proprietorship with the focus of coffee.  Since that time, John has been setting the strategy for CSG as it has advanced into a national, multi-dimensional organization, serving customers across North America.

CSG is a family business where I get to work with people I have come to love and care for. The beverage industry allows us to compete at the highest level against the best in the business. I like us to win.

History:      John has over 33 years in the business that began when he took a job selling coffee for Coffee Pause, while rehabbing from a construction accident.  It was at this time he fell in love with the coffee business.  At the age of 25, he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he started his first business out of his garage – Carribean Coffee.

First Job:   John entered the work force at age 11 working a paper route.

Interests:  Living in the “Live Free or Die” state of New Hampshire, John enjoys his time golfing and in spending time with his wife and kids.

Donna Henderson, CFO

Donna has worked for CSG for over 11 years.  Donna supervises the finance unit and is the chief financial spokesperson for CSG.  She is responsible for financial planning and record-keeping, directly assists on all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, cost benefit analysis and forecasting.

Rarely does a day go by without an opportunity for growth – personally and/or professionally.  My colleagues are part of my extended family and my life is fuller for knowing and being known by them.  

First Job:    Working at a jewelry kiosk at the Bangor Mall in Bangor, Maine was Donna’s introduction into the work force.  This was a very interesting job because the owner bought gold and silver so Donna learned how to test for authenticity.

Interests:    Donna lives in New Hampshire and enjoys playing the piano.  “I have a gift for reading music.  One day I would like to go back to school to improve my music theory knowledge.”

Jeff Gehman, Vice President - Operations

Jeff works for CSG in managing distributor relations and supplier relations, distributor training and development, and new product development for over 16 years.

I enjoy the people and friends I’ve made over the years.  The beverage industry provides a fast pace and the opportunity to learn something new every day.  The industry is never static.  It continues to grow and evolve to serve changing consumer tastes.

History:   Jeff has worked more than 25 years in the business.  Prior to CSG Jeff held a position as sales and marketing director for a regional bottled water and coffee company.  His accomplishments include building a substantial coffee distribution company from the ground up within a few years.

First Job:  Jeff’s first job was selling industrial chemicals to mines, mills, trucking firms and restaurants in western Pennsylvania on a straight commission basis.

Interests: Jeff lives in Pennsylvania.  His time spent outside of work is being highly active with his soccer family.

Dan Boudreau, Vice President - NAM/CSG

Dan has worked for CSG for over six years managing all national account operations which involve vendor management, recruiting of service providers, and acting as primary contact for corporate clients. 

My previous sales experience and my love for coffee collided…..the rest is history. I enjoy bring services to the client while bringing new business to the vendors who service our clients to create a win-win. 

History:  Dan worked for 16 years as a manager for Fred’s Coffee Company.

First Job:  At 14 years old Dan took his first job working for Colby College as a kitchen helper.

Interests:  Dan lives in New Hampshire with his wife, Cherie.  In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors, in particular to fish and to hunt.

Gary Pretzer, Vice President - Mergers & Acquisitions Division

Gary is a senior Consolidated Services Group partner who brings 40 years of refreshment experience to the CSG team.  Following the sale of Embassy Refreshment Services, Gary joined forces with Consolidated Services Group to provide M&A services to the OCS and vending industry.

As director of the M&A, Gary’s extensive industry knowledge supports our clients as they expand their business holdings by acquisition business valuation; and transaction services.

Gary has actively served on numerous industry and government boards.  He dedicated 25 years of his spare time to serve as an elected government official, including four terms as a   mayor.

Catherine Salterio, Director of Marketing

Catherine joined Consolidated Services Group ten years ago.  Catherine’s skills have a direct impact in cultivating the direction of Consolidated Services Group.   She started working the National Account Management division and has since grown her position to Marketing Director.

History:  She was former Executive Director of the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce in Windham, Maine; and prior business owner of the weekly publication, Coffee News.

First Job:  My first job was the summer of my freshman year of college – Hardee’s Hamberger in Gautier, Mississippi.  I was very proud to be selected to work on the front line.

Interests:  Catherine is very active in her community with Civic activities with particular emphasis supporting veterans and their families.  Her passion is her family, enjoying the outdoors and riding her horse.  She is a Blue Star Mom.